Jason Averbook
CEO & Co-Founder, Leapgen (USA)

About me


Jason Averbook is a global keynote speaker, industry analyst, and co-founder and CEO of Leapgen. With more than 25 years of experience in the HR and technology industry, Jason looks to broaden executive mindset to rethink how to better design and deliver employee services that exceed the expectations of the workforce and the needs of the business. 

He is acknowledged as one of the top thought leaders globally on the future of work and listed in the top 100 leaders globally influencing the future of work and the HR function. Jason’s first book, HR From Now to Next, was published in 2014 and is used in over 19 universities around the world today. Along with being cited in numerous publications such as BusinessWeek, Forbes, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal as an industry thought leader in the HCM world, delivering keynote presentations worldwide.

1. Do you have a philosophy or guiding principle that you apply to life/work?

Never give up and never take no for an answer - the reason "no" happens is usually a lack of understanding versus a lack of interest and desire

2. If you could rule the world for a day what's one thing you would change about the workplace?

Realization that static strategy is dead and cyclical annualized processes and policies will not work into the future

3. Describe 2020 so far using a movie or song title:

A Beautiful Life (with a few twists and turns)

4. An example of reinvention that I love is:

Reinvention of how we get answers to questions outside of work. As someone who grew up with encyclopedias, we have reinvented knowledge and action tremendously in a short period of time.

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Interest categories:

Agile HR; Agile Working; Applications; ATS; Automation; Change Management; Cloud; Collaborative Tools; Consulting; Digital Transformation; Employee Engagement; Employee Experience; Future of Work; Gamification; HRIS; HR Reporting; Learning and Development; Learning Experience Design; Learning Management; LMS; Onboarding; Organisational Design; Outsourcing; Payroll; People Analytics; Performance Management; Recruitment Technology; Recruitment and Selection; Self-Service; Shared Services; Strategy; Talent Management; Stakeholder Management; Technology; Training; User Adoption

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